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This deviation was deleted

I have a lot of issues with this photo, and I will try to convey them in a way that will help you improve upon your work. First of all, this is a typical shot, overdone and worn. Make it more interesting, try different angles than this! Then there's the lack of sharpness in the image. This can be solved by post production work if your camera is not able to create a sharper image. There are sharpness slides, or you can try a faded version of the HDR effect present in almost all photo editing programs, as well as free photo editing websites. On top of being unoriginal and too soft, the reflection is obnoxious. Try a different light source. I say keep practicing. Hope this helps! :)
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Ghostly-Noir Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow, that WAS brutally honest xD I actually wasn't posting this for any artistic purposes, or else I would have edited it a crap ton and would have paid more attention to the sharpness and reflection. I put this on the site just for the purposes of shopping for colored contacts online LOL I also took this photo at 11 pm and didn't even hardly try, I just asked for critique because I've never used it on any other of my art pieces and I thought "Why not?" Thanks for you opinion though, the brutal truth is refreshing sometimes xD
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